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Wish Upon A Wedding
And it begins....


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Wish Upon A Wedding

About 6 weeks ago, my cousin (Julie Barnes -All Occasions by JB) asked me if I would be interested in going to a function for an organizationWish Upon A Wedding.  So being ME - I said sure sounds like fun.  

Of course, once reading a bit about it; I decided I wanted to put my name on the "grant wisher" list.  I know how much it costs just to have a photographer never mind all the rest of the details (since I am in the middle of planning my own wedding). 

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And it begins....

.... I have been convinced to start blogging.  As  most of you know I am not the type to conform to the general public.  I go about life doing things the way I want them done (go figure). 
So any way, I have been involved with some non-profit organizations; such asThe Jarvis Green Foundation,Wish Upon A Wedding,The Massachusetts Women's Political Causus, andthe Veterans of Foreign Wars, Dept of MAand a few more; and I want to be able to get the word out on these wonderful organizations and what they bring to the world!