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   On January 2, 2012, Thomas C. Hoye Jr was sworn in as the 49th Mayor of the City of Taunton, MA.

   Tom Hoye is a life-long resident of Taunton and has always had a strong desire to serve the public.  Tom is honored to be part of the Hoye family that has served Taunton in various capacities for four generations.  In his youth, Tom was actively involved in the community, with such organizations as Taunton Western Little League, CYO basketball, and the Taunton YMCA.  While attending Coyle and Cassidy High School, he was a member of the Football and Track and Field teams, and also spent a great deal of time working in community service programs.  

  Tom began teaching in the Taunton Public School System, and has remained there for the past 11 years.  His commitment to youth development extends far outside of the classroom where he coaches Taunton Youth SoccerTaunton Junior Basketball,Taunton Junior Girls Softball, and provides CPR/AED Training to Youth Sport Organizations. 

   Tom’s leadership has extended to Taunton City Government, where he has served for ten years as a member of the City Council. Today, Tom is one of the longest serving members on the present council.  He has served in several key leadership roles on the council, and chaired such committees as: Department of Public Works, ADA, Solid Waste, Public Property and Needs of the Airport and was the lead negotiator on the Adessa Impact Water Settlement. 

   Tom is a devoted husband and loving father of three. His wife Stephanie (formerly Pereira), is a Guidance Counselor, life-long Tauntonian, and the daughter of Portuguese immigrants.  Together they have three children: Sophia, Tommy, and Lilah. Today, Tom and Stephanie live in the Westville neighborhood which is where Tom co-owns a small business. Tom is also an amateur gardener and loves to grow his own vegetables with his children.