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Jarvis Green, NFL/Former LSU Defensive Lineman, has come a long way from his roots in the small town of Donaldsonville, LA. The former LSU construction engineering major virtually runs through his opponents on the field, racking up sacks and causing fumbles. In fact, he's been named Defensive Player of the Week numerous times throughout his career. Further, he's helped his team achieve an 18-0 record for the 2007-2008 season. However, despite playing an integral part in his team's winning 3 Super Bowls since being signed in the fourth round of the 2002 NFL draft, when the pads and helmet come off, he remains humble.
A stanch servant to the less fortunate, Green founded was awarded the New England Patriots Ron Burton Community Service Award in 2006 and founded the Jarvis Green Foundation in 2007 to provide support to single working mothers in disadvantaged, low-income areas (i.e., Hurricane Katrina single mothers).
The Foundation's first event was a September 2007 wine tasting and silent auction, which raised money for single mothers affected by Hurricane Katrina. Partial proceeds also went into a trust fund he started for Ma'shy Hill, the toddler son of his fallen friend and teammate, Marquise Hill. Since his friend's untimely passing, Jarvis has stepped in as a surrogate father to the boy. The midseason release of "60 Minute Men" T-shirts- which not only captured the Patriots' "Play all 60 minutes of the game, no matter what" philosophy and further honored Hill with a small insignia of his jersey number, but also helped raise more money for Ma'shy's trust fund- was another effort of the Jarvis Green Foundation.
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